The lessons that you learn from competing in track and field

Being the fastest or best at something is an age-old mentality that dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Many people compete against each other in track and field events to see who is the fastest, or who can jump or throw stuff the longest or highest. Competition can bring out both the best and worst in people, but the positive lessons learned from track and field events can stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

Keep going, you can do it

You’ll learn early on in your track and field career that you’ll need to keep persevering if you want to become the best. Most of the time there will always be someone that is faster or better than you in your sport. The natural competitor in you should find a way to persevere to make sure that you are the best, coming second is not enough. If you are good at something but don’t practice, then you aren’t likely to be the best no matter how naturally gifted you are. Track and field will teach you to keep going, something that is essential in life off the running track too. There will be many setbacks in life but you’ll need to keep going and not give up to make sure you get through the hard times.

The lessons that you learn from competing in track and field

Self -discipline

It can be hard to remain on the right track when it is solely left up to you. If you have to study for an exam, then you might find it tough to make yourself study, and getting better at track and field events is very similar. Learning to put in the time to practice will make you a stronger person as you will have the mentality to make sure you are practicing without the need for someone yelling at you. Sure, coaches can help, but ultimately it is up to you to put in the hard work and ignore distractions.

Putting in hard work will always be rewarded, and the same goes for learning skills and just generally dealing with life. If you can be proactive and prepare yourself for situations in life, then you’ll be able to deal with them much better when they occur. If you want to succeed in track and field you’ll need to focus on your training. Academic success and track success often go hand in hand due to the discipline required in both.

Honesty is the best policy

Track events in particular will teach you about being respectful of your competitor and ensuring you remain honest in competition. It would be easy to jump the gun a little at the start but this just encourages others to do the same you’ll find that the honest competition is what you strive for. You won’t truly know who is the best unless you’re all on an even playing field. Plus cheaters never prosper as they will always get found out in the end. Look at Lance Armstrong, his achievements have been tarnished due to his reported cheating antics.

The lessons that you learn from competing in track and field

Those that are able to succeed on the track or field are also the ones that are generally able to succeed in their lives too, and that is largely due to the characteristics they have developed through training. They have learned how to motivate themselves and stay focused, even without encouragement. Track and field will teach you about honesty and how much you want to succeed. You should give it a go if you want some healthy competition in your life.