The wildest game-winning shots

In sports, it really isn’t over until it’s over, and you can never completely count a team out. With everything on the line, some sports stars were not willing to let their team go back into the locker room as the losing team. When the big moments come, you want your best players to make the plays that can turn a game on its head. These wild game-winning moments are ones that have gone down in sporting legend as some of the most dramatic finishes to hotly contested games.

Tracy McGrady – 13 points in 33 seconds

Basketball is a fast and frantic game that can often be decided by one team simply wanting to win more than the other. In 2004 the Rockets were down eight points to the Spurs in a December game and looked to be heading to defeat.

The wildest game-winning shots

With so little time on the clock, it seemed impossible for the Rockets to come back and win, but nobody told McGrady. He hit four three-pointers and converted another point from the free throw line to complete the most unlikely comeback against the Spurs.

Derek Fisher – Buzzer-beater in playoffs

The LA Lakers were the most dominant team in the NBA in the early ‘00s and but looked to be crashing out of the playoffs against the Spurs in 2004. With just 0.4 left on the game clock, the Spurs had just taken the lead, but Derek Fisher still believed there was one more score left in the game.

He grabbed the ball as it came back into play and hit the most unlikely turnaround jumper to seal the victory and deflate the Spurs’ home crowd. If you don’t shoot you don’t score, and Fisher simply had to believe he was going to make that basket to get the Lakers back on track in their series.

Michael Westbrook – Miracle at Michigan

In 1994 Michigan were hosting the Colorado Buffaloes at the Big House. There were only six seconds left on the clock and it looked like Colorado would be making the journey back home after a defeat. The Buffaloes quarterback Kordell Stewart had one last play to make, and it was the Hail Mary to end all Hail Maries.

From his own 36 yard line he dropped back and launched a 70-yard pass downfield. The ball was tipped by Blake Anderson but miraculously found its way into the hands of a delighted Michael Westbrook to seal victory for the visitors.

The wildest game-winning shots

Boise State – Statue of Liberty play

In 2007 Boise State’s season looked to be over as their backs were against the wall in their Fiesta Bowl game against Oklahoma in overtime. They came up with a trick play to get them within one following an Oklahoma touchdown, but time was running out. That’s when they lined up for a two-pointer deep into overtime. Jared Zabransky faked a pass before handing it off to Ian Johnson to seal the victory in a Statue of Liberty play to seal the win.

These were the big moments in games where athletes decided they were not going to accept finishing on the losing side. They left it late, but these were the wildest game-winning plays ever in sports.